What To Wear

One of my favorite tv shows, though I haven't watched it in sometime and can be too much to watch it all the time, is TLC's What Not to Wear.  I have my own spin - What to Wear.
Here are my opinions on fashion, then I'll address what bling to sport with your new dress.
Unless you have:
- been on What Not to Wear (or a similar show)
- have found yourself on peopleofwalmart.com
- your husband/boyfriend/bff tell you your clothes don't look good on you
- (regardless of what people think) is too small for you
I feel you can wear pretty much anything.  That being said, let's move on to your accessories.

I have been accused of believing there is no such thing as too much jewelry (there are worse things to be accused of...).  While this is slightly true (but mostly of when I wish to get out of jury duty), I do have rules I follow.  I have posted them on my Facebook fan page (Which your should follow, because it's much easier for me to post something real quick than always posting a blog...AND I offer special sales over there too...2 very good reasons to be my FB fan page stalker :))
Rachael's jewelry rules:
1. 1 necklace is fun, but 2 or 3 are better.  Refer to my post on Jewelry for the Non-Obsessed Parts 1 & 2, for how to do that.
2.  1 bracelet is fun but 2 or 3 are better.  This is a cinch...you might start here if layering is a bit overwhelming for you.  Start with a bracelet that matches the necklace you are wearing, and add another bracelet that is exactly the same or matches in color or texture.
3.  Mixing metals: DEFINITELY!  This is easiest in the same necklace/bracelet, but if you want to tie 2 metals together, wear a similar colored top.  Example:  let's say there is a gold necklace you want to wear with a silver bracelet, wear a cool colored top.  The gold necklace will pop. 
You can also wear a gold bracelet and a silver bracelet to tie the two together.
4. Same metal, different colored stones.  Yep, you can do this too.  You can also wear same colored stone, different metal...this can be more tricky to not look like you got dressed in the dark.  For this, I'd stick with the same size stone, or the same color (almost exactly).

For this post we are using a black strapless dress (courtesy of Ann Taylor, $98).  A friend recently wore something similar to a wedding, though her dress had straps.  Either way.  This is a slightly dressier dress, so more is not better when it comes to your bling. 

I suggest the Madame Butterfly necklace, with a pair of pearl earrings (IF you are going to wear everything else.  If not, go with the Madame Butterfly earrings too), and Stand Out bracelet with the Angelina ring.  The Mme Butterfly necklace, Stand Out bracelet, and Angelina ring are all statement pieces.  If you wore the earrings with the necklace, bracelet and ring, it would scream I SELL JEWELRY!!!! hmmm.... ;)  

If you wanted the earrings to match the necklace (I know there are those of you who have to have things matching.  I'd wear a smaller bracelet, such as A La Mode (it is a wider cuff bracelet, but since it's an open weave it gives the illusion of being a smaller bracelet), Bloom (has the flower motif), or First Lady (a simple/not so simple pearl bracelet).  Regardless of whether you wear a large bracelet or a small one, please wear it opposite of your statement ring, this will generally be your left hand, if you are married.

How do I get all that bling, you might be wondering.  We'll I'm glad you asked :)  Remember the customer sale I rave about all the time?  Here's where it comes into play.  You don't have to understand it, just know that I can save you a bundle!  I know it may seem too good to be true, but we've been around for 55 years...we can't mess around with stuff like this and get away with it for so long.
So, our good friend Madame Butterfly is $168, Stand Out bracelet is $138, Angelina is $69, Madame Butterfly earrings are $31. 
Using our sale, you'd pay retail for the earrings, the ring, and the Bloom bracelet = $169
Then you'd get Madame Butterfly for $12 (say what?! yup), Stand Out bracelet for $12 (what?? uh huh), A La Mode for $12 (it retails at $74), and still get another item up to $169 for F-R-E-E.  Truth!  That means you'd get $718 for $205.   
That's 71% OR each piece for 29.28!!

Are you awake now? :)  All jewelry (even the goodies on sale) come with a lifetime, unconditional guarantee...and it'll come right to your door!!  Be sure to get in touch with me to get these great pieces!

It is inevitable I meet a gal who says, "I love jewelry but I don't have anywhere to wear it."  Who says you have to have somewhere to wear it?  I wear my bling to Costco, or the library, or the post office, or the park.  Yeah, I do wear my sparkles to church and every where else, but where in the world do you need to go to wear jewelry?  A gala?  Just throw some stuff on!  You'll be so happy you did!!


  1. When can we expect what to wear with jeans? Or to those silly formal events some of us hate? Say, a ball, gala or red carpet appearances?

    Great post! Can't wait for more!

  2. Thanks! Sorry, the pics aren't showing up correctly (grrr)...
    Hmm perhaps I should post a pic of what I wore to soccer today... ;) I have 2 friends who can vouch for the bling I was sporting. Definitely jeans attire.
    In the works posts:
    - earthy/boho
    - gala/red carpet (I learned from a friend that many wealthy women on cruises wear fake bling...fake is ok so long as it's not chintzy. And YES Amanda, even though the stars are renting their bling, they are also wearing knock offs, or high fashion jewelry. It CAN be done!)
    - jeans

  3. I was merely stating I could use the advice. I don't think I'd wear Park Lane to the Oscars or a State Dinner. I know who you are talking about that walked the Oscars in knock off last year. Actually, I can name more than one starlet who wore knock offs.

    So, when do you do State Dinner/State Wedding? I could use that, too. And are you adding Oscars to gala/red carpet? How about the MonsterBash that's coming up for St. Jude?

  4. Yeah, it's becoming more 'vogue' to wear fakes. :) But it really depends on the starlet...some are more bold than others.
    can you email me dates please, and I'll do my best for what to wear to said events? THANKS!

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